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Columbus AFB
  • Autocross comes to Columbus AFB

    Seventeen autocross drivers from the Columbus, Mississippi, surrounding communities and states competed in several categories for fastest times on the flightline at Columbus Air Force Base Aug. 12-13.
  • AF couple takes journey to US citizenship

    The Air Force affords its Airmen a plethora of opportunities and benefits; many advance their education and obtain degrees, skills are learned and can often be applied in future careers -- but for some, their service can grant them U.S. citizenship. This is the case for a dual military couple at Columbus Air Force Base, Mississippi, who was born and spent the early part of their life in Ecuador. Both are now Airmen and U.S. citizens.
  • 63 years later: Columbus supports MIA ceremony

    Twenty honor guardsmen from Columbus Air Force Base and four T-38 Talons supported a missing in action ceremony Aug. 10 for a Mississippi Airman, exactly 63 years after his aircraft crashed.A native of Sumner, Capt. Frederick Partridge served in both World War II and the Korean War during his eight years of service, until the morning of Aug. 10,