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  • Educator takes command of 14th FTW

    With confident poise and a sincere demeanor, he sat proudly on the couch in his office. He then began to introduce himself and expressed his hopes for the future of Columbus AFB. 14th Flying Training Wing commander, Col. Roger Watkins, grew up in Ft. Worth, Texas. He attended college at the University of Texas at Austin and graduated in 1985 with a
  • Heritage runs deep at the 48th FTS

    Every heritage room has a unique story. From the nametags of former instructor pilots which line the top of the wall to the artifacts around the room, the essence of its history lingers in the air. The 48th Flying Training Squadron was originally the 48th Aero Squadron, which was established at Kelly Field, Texas in 1917 and sailed to Le Havre,
  • Local spouse receives Presidential recognition for volunteer service

     After years of dedicated service and commitment to the local community, the husband of a Columbus AFB officer was recognized by President George W. Bush for his exceptional support for his community. Bob Davison, a butcher at the CAFB Commissary, received the Presidential Volunteer Service Award at a White House ceremony on May 6. "I'm so proud of
  • Letters from home keep up morale for deployed first sergeant

    In the midst of a long deployment, one of Columbus AFB's Airmen was blessed with letters of support and encouragement from his daughter and her fourth grade class. A group of 27 children poured their thoughts onto paper and cards, offering their best wishes and hopes for a safe return, and packed them into an envelope to be sent overseas. Master
  • 14th FTW says farewell, honors top one percent

    After 27 years of dedicated service to the enlisted corps, Senior Master Sgt. James McCarty will continue his career as a chief master sergeant at Luke AFB, Ariz. A recognition ceremony for his induction to the rank of Chief Master Sergeant was held Wednesday at the Columbus Club. Sergeant McCarty, Superintendent of the 14th Military Personnel