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  • Columbus community comes together to honor veterans

    Members of Columbus Air Force Base and the City of Columbus came together Nov. 7 to honor veterans who are serving or who have served in the U.S. armed forces.Despite the unfavorable weather, the ceremony successfully assembled supporting community members, veterans, and several distinguished visitors. The distinguished visitors included State
  • Columbus community shows appreciation on Veterans Day, year round

    The community surrounding Columbus Air Force Base supports the members of the base and local veterans in many ways. Businesses of all sorts offer discounts to both currently serving service members and to veterans. Some of these businesses also offer special discounts to both parties on Veterans Day.Veterans Day Alarm One: Free upgrade for military
  • Optometry: key to mission support

    You can breathe with an iron lung, and you can run with a prosthetic leg, but the one thing you can’t do is see with a glass eye. The medical professionals at the optometry clinic work hard to ensure the two irreplaceable organs in your head stay healthy.The 14th Medical Operations Squadron optometry clinic serves Team BLAZE’s Airmen, dependents,
  • Better than best friends: retreat strengthens marriages, eases post-deployment reintegration

    Military members at times face long periods away from family and loved ones that may cause stress and difficulties in relationships. A new program, spearheaded with a retreat held April 8-11, is aimed at improving resiliency and easing reintegration by strengthening the bonds of a relationship both before and after a deployment. The retreat, held
  • What can SLO do for you?

    Parents often want to make sure their children have the best education they can get, and with some of the challenges and opportunities that come with military life finding the best options can become all too confusing. That's where the School Liaison Officer comes in.SLOs can be found at several bases, and are a great resource for helping parents