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  • AFE saves lives daily

    Arguably, the most important thing to a pilot, besides the aircraft itself, is their gear. Without this gear, the Columbus Air Force Base mission to Produce Pilots, Advance Airmen and Feed the Fight would be affected. The 14th Flying Training Wing’s Aircrew Flight Equipment Flight is responsible for fitting, inspecting, maintaining and repairing
  • 81st FS trains Afghan pilots, maintainers

    Since the beginning of 2015, the 81st Fighter Squadron, the 14th Flying Training Wing’s geographically separated unit, has been training Afghan pilots and maintainers at Moody Air Force Base, Georgia. The mission of the squadron is to graduate on-time, combat-ready attack pilots and maintenance professionals for the Afghan air force. The squadron
  • Holiday Driving: Think PIE

    As the holidays approach, more and more Columbus Air Force Base personnel will be embarking on trips to see family, friends and to get some much needed rest and recuperation. Holiday travel often involves longer road trips, with increased traffic and some adverse weather.  In such conditions, driving becomes more dangerous and it is imperative to
  • MWDs: Enhancing law enforcement for centuries

    Throughout history, canines have been used in warfare supporting combat operations. As time moved on, they were used for a variety of tactics from the armor-clad Roman war dogs to Napoleon’s wall detectors warning of an impending attack. Although the methods have changed quite a bit, Military Working Dogs still play a big role in both combat