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  • Dental Flight focuses on prevention, education

    The Dental Flight with the 14th Medical Operations Squadron at Columbus Air Force Base, Mississippi offers a variety of services from cleanings to preventative services to wisdom teeth removal.  “What I do primarily is preventative cleanings,” said Staff Sgt. Nathaniel Farinas, 14th MDOS Dental Technician. “I give education on prevention, show
  • REDHORSE paves runway flightline roads, helps reduce traffic

    Years ago, the 14th Civil Engineer Squadron at Columbus Air Force Base transitioned from being made of mostly active-duty uniformed service members to now mostly government and contracted positions.  While these civilian Airmen and contractors help strengthen the base’s local community ties, when the mission calls for specifically trained
  • Tobacco use limited to designated smoking areas

    The Air Force has always strived to ensure its members maintain peak health and physical fitness.  A change to Air Force Instruction 40-102, “Tobacco Free Living,” seeks to further reduce harmful health impacts such as smoking on installations. The change to AFI 40-102 further clarifies tobacco-free environments by prohibiting tobacco use in
  • 14th Security Forces Squadron defends aircraft, families

    At the 14th Flying Training Wing, Columbus Air Force Base’s 14th Security Forces Squadron works around the clock to protect, defend and provide police services to enable mission success. Approaching an Air Force base or any military installation for the first time will bring you face to face with a defender.  Their motto is, “We defend … day and
  • 37th FTS turns pedestrians into pilots

    No pilot starts out flying a C-130 or an F-22. Everybody starts somewhere. The 37th Flying Training Squadron teaches Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training students the basics of flying here at Columbus Air Force Base, Mississippi. The 37th FTS utilizes the T-6 Texan II for flying training for brand new pilots. Before it was a training squadron,