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  • IP returns from Qatar

    Capt. Jason Rubenstein, 41st Flying Training Squadron, was deployed to Camp As Sayliyah, Qatar, for two and a half months. He was the chief air liaison for the United States Central Command Joint Operations Center there. "Being in a joint operations environment is a great opportunity for people to learn more about how our military works.
  • Life Support, Aerospace Physiology play crucial role in keeping pilots alive

    A T-38 from the 50th Flying Training Squadron crashed near Batesville, Miss., Jan. 18 while on a low-level training sortie. The pilots survived the incident because of proper execution of emergency procedures. This incident provides a testament to successful training and dependable equipment. Aerospace physiology and life support can take credit
  • New themes teach to Educate, Innovate, Instruct

    Educate, Innovate, and Instruct...These three words sum up the Colonel Dave Gerber's, 14th Flying Training Wing Commander, pillars for the BLAZE Team. Educate: It's our reason for being at Columbus AFB. With every Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training graduation you are doing your part to help replenish the combat capability of today's Air
  • Columbus CGO offers local high school student glimpse into Air Force Academy, college lifestyle

    What started as a small vacation to Colorado for 2nd Lt. Dustin Froelich soon became a recruiting opportunity when 16-year-old John Mark Junkins, an upcoming junior at Heritage Academy, expressed interest in embarking on the journey. An Air Force Academy graduate, Lieutenant Froelich was returning to his old stomping grounds for a week-long visit