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14th MDG
  • Closed for Training Day to support you

    Decontamination tents, bandages, litter carries, tourniquets and medical evacuation forms. Computer-based training through ADLS and SWANK, Basic Life Support and Automated External Defibrillator Training. Group education on the latest Air Force Surgeon General’s initiatives, learning how to operate new medical equipment and in-service sessions to hone medical and administration skills. What is this laundry list of items? It represents just a few of the many our medical group Airmen must cover to stay proficient in our war and peacetime missions.
  • 14th MDG commander gives parting thoughts

    What a wild ride this tour has been ... Columbus’ mission is not just ‘great’ … but ‘awesome!’ My command tour has come full circle. I must admit, I like to be busy and have multiple projects juggling all the time; yet, I wasn’t quite ready for the flurry and high ops-tempo of social activities which I was about to enter.