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  • How sexual assault, date rape drugs affect you

    If you take a sip of water and it tastes salty, spit it out! Bottled water should not taste salty. You know what salt tastes like. You're in the Air Force; in Mississippi. Your perspiration, or sweat, tastes salty! Now, if you drink Margarita's, you're going to have a hard time telling if a "Mickey" has been slipped in. GHB has made its' presence
  • Retreat: A time for reflection

    It is a shame we can take the time to enjoy a beautiful sunny afternoon, but many of us won't take the time to honor our nation's flag and the sacrifice it symbolizes. Recently, while I was running on base, "Retreat" sounded. It amazed me when the National Anthem sounded, cars continued to drive pass me while I was standing at attention. Over time
  • Squadrons merge to make provisional squadron

    "Contracting is the pebble in the shoe of progress." I have heard this phrase more than once during my time in Air Force contracting coming from organizations and customers. Is it a fair assessment? At times, it could be. I have also heard the same about the Comptroller Squadron. The Contracting and Comptroller squadrons are responsible for
  • The experience of a lifetime

    The second group of Air Force Reserved Officer Training Corps cadets arrived June 23 to begin their Operations Non-Commissioned Officer program at Columbus Air Force Base. For the next three weeks, their goal will be to learn more about life as an enlisted member of the Air Force. For the following weeks, we went through a series of briefings,
  • Reflections from your editor

    As I sit and reflect as my time as Silver Wings editor at Columbus Air Force Base, many things come to mind. I will be sad to leave CAFB for my upcoming PCS to Barksdale AFB, La. For such a small wing, we host a vast quantity of events throughout the year. Last September during the celebration of Air Force 60th anniversary and CAFB's 65th