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  • BLAZE basics

    Newcomers to Columbus AFB are often confused when they see and hear the prevalent use of the acronym BLAZE or are referred to as a member of the BLAZE team. What is BLAZE? BLAZE is an acronym which focuses our daily activities and encompasses our Air Force Core Values. BLAZE serves as the base motto, mantra, logo, culture and even senior leadership
  • We all play a vital role in SUPT

    This morning, Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training class 09-02 walked across the stage in Kaye Auditorium and received their coveted silver pilot wings, culminating a year of hard work and starting the next phase in their training to become mission-ready pilots in the Air Force or for our international allies. While there will be a few hundred
  • Heritage: honoring our past, forging our future

    Heritage is one of those things which brings a special sense of pride about who we are--as a group of people belonging to an organization and as Americans. I found the theme for this year's Air Force Ball, "Honoring our Past, Forging our Future," a perfect starting point for this short article marking Hispanic Heritage Month. Every country in the
  • CSAF special interest item: "back to basics"

    A "special interest item" is a common acronym in the Air Force flying business. SIIs are command-level focus areas which are applied to each mission we fly and must be briefed prior to every sortie. They typically change on a quarterly basis and address recent trend items which have developed due to complacency or lack of focus on a particular
  • Leadership from the beginning

    Many years ago on my college professor's door hung a poster that epitomizes basic leadership principles. It read: "To accomplish great things you must not only act but also plan, not only plan, but also believe." I had the privilege of seeing that statement in action as I sat with the Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training class of 09-13 at the