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  • Lead with care

    For the past two years I have been at the wing and have had the opportunity to watch leaders at all levels tackle difficult issues. I have learned an incredible amount from these leaders and I have been both impressed and disappointed with what I have seen. There is so much information and consideration that goes into leadership decisions, and it is comforting to know that most leaders do not take or make these decisions lightly. Instead, they put forth the time and energy to arrive at the right answer. Although I believe they may sometimes require too much coordination, this is not a local issue but one that is evident throughout our entire Air Force. However, it seems like the leaders at Columbus Air Force Base are beginning to get us pointed back in the right direction.
  • Making a difference

    “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost has always held a special place in my heart. My mother knew it verbatim and would often recite it to my siblings and me, if asked. Her rendition of the poem was always moving and without error. When she recounted the colorful images of the prose, there was always something deeper. There was a wistful mood that occupied the space of those within earshot, as if the poem itself was an allegory for her life. The sentimental lens from which the feelings in that poem were channeled by her, validated to me that life was a series of choices, and there was no right answer.
  • Looking for work

    "Looking for work." This is a phrase learned from joint training sessions of an Air Force Security Forces Emergency Services Team and several local California Special Weapons and Tactics teams. This phrase is an important part of preparing a team for a dynamic situation that is always challenging to train for.
  • A family affair: AF lieutenant colonel fulfills lifelong dream

    On Oct. 12 Col. Fred Cunningham, Air Education and Training Command Inspector General, performed the retirement ceremony for his younger brother, Lt. Col. Matthew Cunningham after 20-plus years of faithful service.
  • 37th FTS aids disaster relief around the world

    With all of the natural disasters that have befallen the world over the last couple years, it is time to acknowledge one of the many missions the Air Force executes very well: the humanitarian assistance mission.