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  • The man in the arena

    I want to provide you an opportunity to come to terms with your life, your career and your service. I want, for your own self-worth, and for the future of this great institution, to save your military soul. I want you to decide today, and until your last day wearing the cloth of our nation, if you are going to stand in the arena and be a doer of deeds--or just be another faceless critic jeering incessantly from the side.
  • Everyone is a winner

    As we near our annual awards ceremony to recognize those that have excelled during 2017, there is nothing we enjoy more than an opportunity to recognize the outstanding team of men and women who passionately come to work, ready to execute Team BLAZE’s mission.
  • Enlisted Airmen help research results

    Air Force studies have been under some scrutiny recently for using enlisted Airmen to gather data, mainly data related to pilots, and junior enlisted member’s ability to learn how to fly.
  • Why contracting matters to you

    As Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training Class 18-03 prepares to graduate, their career paths will take them farther out into the Air Force and their interactions with the many aspects of mission support will become far greater.
  • Getting to know the Key Spouse Program

    The Key Spouse program is a squadron/unit commander program and as such, can be tailored to meet the needs of their individual squadrons. In general, Key Spouses are a focal point for information and support to families in their squadrons.