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  • What I learned in command

    By the time this article is printed, I will have been the commander of the 14th Student Squadron here at Columbus for two years and one month, and I will be less than three weeks away from handing over the squadron flag to the next squadron commander. It seems to me that there is no better time for me to share what I learned over the past two years
  • The Instructor’s Vision: Thoughts from the new ‘old guy’

    Sometimes I wonder what I have to offer as the token new, “old guy” or maybe even the old, “new guy.”  Either way, it definitely gets old being the new guy, but don’t we old guys love a new guy because of the fresh perspective they can offer?   Not long ago after flying a student sortie in that hot rod of a T-6 Texan II, a student asked during the
  • Checking the Box

    Are you “checking the box” in your enlisted career? If so, what is the meaning behind this task? If you look at the AF Form 910 or 911, you see the Whole Person Concept block. Some people look at this block as a negative thing, others as a positive, and some just do not pay attention at all. Which one are you?During my 22 years in the Air Force,
  • What will your impact be?

    The month of February marks many historically significant milestones in both our military and aviation history. These events began like all others: with Airmen doing their individual jobs to the best of their ability. One such example, Lucky Lady II, a modified Boeing B-50A Superfortress from the 338th Bomb Squadron, departed Carswell Air Force
  • Getting uncomfortable

     Every person is unique and has his or her own habits. These habits can either help the work environment or they can hinder it. As members of the military and as professionals, it is our job to make sure that the habits and biases we bring to the work place do not bring down the overall atmosphere. We must get out of our comfort zone and try to