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  • Right-14, left-27, right-08 doesn’t open every safe

    There is not a more important position in our Air Force than that of being a supervisor, but just being put in charge of personnel is not enough. A supervisor is responsible for influencing his or her followers to perform an action, complete a task, or behave in a specific manner.  In order to be an effective Supervisor and to better communicate
  • Choose Fireworks on the Water to celebrate Independence Day

     Today, Columbus Air Force Base will partner with dozens of community partners to present Fireworks on the Water 2016. The event is a free and open-to-the-public Independence Day celebration at the east bank of the John C. Stennis Lock and Dam. The evening will feature children’s activities, vendors, a free concert and an 18-minute fireworks show
  • The five-tool Airman

    In the major leagues of baseball, the ideal position player is an athlete who excels at hitting for average consistently, hitting for explosive power, and has speed, arm strength, and fielding. Can we superimpose this concept onto the ideal Airman?  I submit to you that we can.  As Enlisted Force Distribution takes its place alongside the
  • We all bleed red

    Equality for the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender community has been a very trending topic due to the recently passed legislation and the recent shooting at an Orlando, Florida, nightclub. One of the other reasons why equality for the LGBT community has sparked this past month is the fact June is recognized as a special observance for the LGBT
  • Make Every Sortie Count and Be Ready for Anything

    As an Undergraduate Pilot Training student back in 2010, I got used to operating under a syllabus. Everyone gets the same number of sorties with somewhat scripted profiles, and there is adequate time and sorties to learn what is required. I never dreamed that two years later, as a young wingman in the F-15E, I would walk into the squadron and be