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  • Viewing the world from six inches away

    When I was 18 years old, a friend of mine invited me to an art museum. Normally, I'm not a big fan of art museums, but the friend was a girl, so I went.  The museum was laid out in such a way a person entering the front door had to walk through every single hallway before he or she could finally exit and get lunch. I was hoping to set a new speed
  • The New IQ

    With the holiday season upon us, we are often reminded of the many different beliefs and traditions that exist among us, but this time of year is also about coming together. Is there a better time to think about diversity and inclusion in the Air Force? Inclusion is the ability to include differences in a friendly, flexible and fair way. This is
  • Building our photo album for the UEI

    The Unit Effectiveness Inspection is a different kind of inspection. The four Major Graded Areas make that fairly clear, but there’s another fundamental difference. For example, a small IG team may no-notice a wing’s Operational Readiness Exercise, inspecting the wing’s ability to plan, exercise, evaluate and report on their own mission execution.
  • New SAPR Program Manager: Thank you for welcome

    My name is Marcia Stewart, the new Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program Manager.  Thank you for taking the time to welcome me to your organization and providing me the opportunity to share a few highlights about my professional career.  Working as a Social Worker, PhD, gives me such pride and joy to help people and military families. I
  • It’s what we do

    I remember when I first entered the Air Force and arrived at my very first duty assignment after technical training. It was shortly after my arrival I started to see a lot of opportunities to volunteer and help across the wing.   Within days of my arrival, my very first supervisor walked into the office and asked, “Who would like an opportunity to