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  • Military kids: Appreciate what they have

    April is the Month of the Military Child and it is truly an opportunity for us all to recognize and acknowledge the sacrifices made by our kids, who don’t have any choice when it comes to where they will move next. They become experts at learning new cultures, adjusting to new schools and making new friends. Kids excel at facing challenges head-on and grow into community leaders amongst their peers.
  • Every marriage could use a tune-up every now and then

    In 2009, I took a six month “vacation” with the Army to Afghanistan. As an Air Force Chaplain, I served as a “FOB hopper” to nine Army forward operating bases. It was a difficult deployment. I faced setback after setback as I tried to learn how to minister in the Army culture. Despite consistent tragedies and a few deaths, Soldiers were hesitant to get to know, or counsel with, this overconfident Air Force chaplain. Worship services usually involved one to two attendees while services at my home station before I deployed averaged around 1,100 attendees. Near the end of my deployment, I received notification that I was being reassigned after less than two years from my dream job as soon as I returned. I was beyond frustrated.
  • What do you know about Logistics?

    When asked what I do in the Air Force, I usually respond, “I’m a logistician”, then I generally get the follow-up question of, “Oh, what is that?”
  • Defending the base: Changes coming to Main and South Gate entry, exit areas

    Defending the base is a critical part of the 14th Flying Training Wing mission to Cultivate Airmen, Create Pilots, and Connect. The 14th Security Forces Squadron has a mission to protect and provide a safe environment for the men and women on Columbus AFB.
  • The Long Blue Line

    On any standard sunny day, you can turn your ear to the Columbus sky and be treated to sounds reminiscent of the WWII-era as the T-6 flies over base housing interspersed with the growl of afterburners lighting off as T-38 formations are propelled into the air.