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  • The Long Blue Line

    On any standard sunny day, you can turn your ear to the Columbus sky and be treated to sounds reminiscent of the WWII-era as the T-6 flies over base housing interspersed with the growl of afterburners lighting off as T-38 formations are propelled into the air.
  • A generational trust: Preparing Airmen for the future

    In the Air Force, we often talk about how airpower is a team sport. Completely true. I like to add that airpower is also a family business – without the support of our families, no Air Force member can get the job done. Furthermore, the Air Force operates as a family by taking care of its own and forging close-knit bonds of friendship that last a lifetime. I want to add a third element for you to consider; airpower is not only a team sport and family business, but also a generational trust.
  • New perspectives could be what you need

    I was on top of the world, and I felt like nothing could possibly bring me down. I had just recently graduated from the University of Central Florida, had a pilot slot secured, and was moving to my first training base to begin my career in the world's greatest Air Force. Little did I know my whole life was about to change and wouldn’t be taking off (quite literally) how I thought it would. One of the biggest lessons I would come to understand is the importance of the Team BLAZE mission and what it truly means.
  • Volunteering isn’t a chore, it’s a privilege

    I originally started working for Southern Care Hospice Center in Terre Haute, Indiana, while in college. The first patient I was ever assigned to was Marjorie Burnell.
  • Gone but Not Forgotten

    When I attended basic training 25 years ago, I purchased a small metal band to wear on my wrist. With the exception of a wedding ring, it was the only piece of jewelry we could wear during training.