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Default Air Force Logo Primary prevention and Green Dot -- a year in
Last year around this time, the Green Dot program made its way onto the scene in the Air Force.There was plenty of buzz about this new program the Air Force was adopting. I was often asked what this program was going to provide the Air Force had not already tried. Many were skeptical and some went as far as to say this program will make its debut
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Default Air Force Logo Why should you donate blood?
There is no substitute for human blood, nor can human blood be manufactured.  Blood products cannot be stored indefinitely, therefore a constant need for donations is necessary.  Columbus Air Force Base schedules blood drives once a quarter. Average donations are at least 40 units per drive. Also, for every five units of whole blood collected,
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Default Air Force Logo Sexual Assault Prevention and Response reconstruction
The Sexual Assault Prevention and Response is under new management and has come in with some new ideals to make the SAPR program more interesting rather than the same old brief which we are sure everyone knows by memory due to its repetitiveness. The SAPR Team is looking for highly motivated Airmen, E-4 and above; and civilians, GS-12 and above, to
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Members from the 14th Medical Group Biomedical Sciences Corps organizations pause for a photo to celebrate BSC Week Jan. 23, 2017, at Columbus Air Force Base, Mississippi. BSC Week ran from Jan. 23-27 and highlighted their 52nd anniversary. The BSC contains the aerospace and operational physiology, biomedical laboratory, bioenvironmental engineering, optometry, pharmacy, physical therapy, physician assistant, public health, psychology and social work. (U.S. Air Force photo by Sharon Ybarra) Biomedical Sciences Corps celebrates 52nd anniversary
United in the Mission, our multi-disciplinary corps brings together expertise from more than 15 different specialties to deliver world-class patient care and customer service which increases our productivity, force performance, and quality of care to our beneficiaries. This year, Columbus Air Force Base and the Air Force celebrated Biomedical
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Default Air Force Logo Unit Effectiveness Inspection - We are ready
Team BLAZE, as you are all aware, our Unit Effectiveness Inspection Capstone event begins next week from Jan. 23-30. I am grateful for the opportunity to host our Major Command Inspector General during this week so they can see what I see each and every day. The 14th Flying Training Wing has an outstanding team of Airmen, consisting of active duty,
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