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Default Air Force Logo It’s what we do
I remember when I first entered the Air Force and arrived at my very first duty assignment after technical training. It was shortly after my arrival I started to see a lot of opportunities to volunteer and help across the wing.   Within days of my arrival, my very first supervisor walked into the office and asked, “Who would like an opportunity to
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Default Air Force Logo Give back to our community
The approaching holiday season provides a great opportunity to stop and consider all we have been given. Most of us enjoy a steady paycheck, good health and supportive families. It is good to enjoy and celebrate these blessings. At the same time, it’s also worthy of our time to remember there are those in the community, and inside the Columbus Air
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Default Air Force Logo Service and Thanksgiving
As members of the greatest nation and the world’s greatest air force, we certainly have much to be thankful for. While hunger, conflict and strife rage around the world, we in Columbus live in relative peace and prosperity. While none of us are free from problems, our concern for our next meal consists of finding something in the refrigerator or
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00-08 patch It’s all about attitude
I graduated from Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training at Columbus Air Force Base with Class 00-08 on April 28, 2000. I don’t recall how we came up with our class patch or how we decided on the simple statement on top of the patch, but it certainly has proven to be extremely accurate. As I reflect on it, looking back now nearly 17 years, that
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Default Air Force Logo 81st FS: Changing the game
Since 1979, the U.S. military has provided tactical support and advising in Afghanistan, with the Air Force fully engaged for the past 15 years. The goal to train, prepare and mentor Afghan counterparts has been consistent, though operation names and mission objectives have changed. Fostering better methods to effectively engage, communicate, and
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