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Default Air Force Logo Hellfire's over Irbil: Leadership necessary in flight, on ground
In the past two months there has been an interesting debate online regarding the Air Force and Navy’s different leadership styles. Maj. Mike Benitez, an F-15E Strike Eagle Weapons System Officer, recently wrote an article in defense of the Air Force’s leadership style. In his article, Benitez states the Air Force does an outstanding job of demonstrating leadership every day, but the problem is that these leadership opportunities are often exercised in the air or behind closed doors of a vault, out of sight of the public eye.
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Default Air Force Logo Eradicating toxic leadership
Ever heard of the term “Toxic Leadership?”Toxic leadership is not typically a hot topic of discussion in leadership development programs. Rightly so, no one wants to focus on bad leadership, any decent approach to teaching leadership and training leaders, especially in the military, should be an inherently positive one. Not only do we desire great
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Default Air Force Logo Words to guide your next PCS
Helping members with their PCS move is a normal part of our daily duties in the Traffic Management Office here at Columbus AFB. But our busiest time of year is during peak season. Peak season which runs from May through August can be a very hectic time for service members and their families; however, with proper planning and attention to detail,
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Default Air Force Logo Security Forces – Under the beret
When you enter Columbus Air Force Base, the first thing you see is a Security Forces member (colloquially known as Defenders) checking your ID and making sure that no unwanted personnel enter the installation. These Defenders are named due to the flash we proudly display on our berets while on duty. The flash bears the Latin motto, “Defensor
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Default Air Force Logo Leadership is not a position, it’s an attitude
Often in the military, leadership is viewed as a title or position that one tries to achieve. These titles and positions generally carry a degree of authority, potentially a parking spot and sometimes a government-issued cell phone. However, these positions should never be confused with what leadership is and what it is not. Leadership is not a
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