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Default Air Force Logo Taking the Air Force Core Values to a Professional Level
As the old saying goes, “Amateurs practice until they get it right; professionals practice until they can’t get it wrong.”  In his book, The Power of Professionalism: The Seven Mind-Sets that Drive Performance and Build Trust, Bill Wiersma proclaims professionals hold themselves to a higher standard. He also says professionalism is more about who
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Default Air Force Logo Want to be a great leader? Then learn how to be a great follower…
American society is obsessed with trying to teach people how to be great leaders. For some, leadership is a skill that seems to be inherent in their personality.  Charismatic leaders like Colin Powell or Martin Luther King Jr. seem to have always been masters at this elusive craft we call leadership, but even these dynamic personalities were
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Default Air Force Logo Train like an Olympian
As the Summer Olympics come closer and you pick your favorite competitors, have you ever wondered what it takes to train like an Olympian?   As a former athlete I can tell you their training regimen is very similar to ours.  My years at the Olympic training center incorporated the same training tools the Air Force utilizes in Comprehensive Airman
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Default Air Force Logo What I learned in command
By the time this article is printed, I will have been the commander of the 14th Student Squadron here at Columbus for two years and one month, and I will be less than three weeks away from handing over the squadron flag to the next squadron commander. It seems to me that there is no better time for me to share what I learned over the past two years
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Default Air Force Logo The Instructor’s Vision: Thoughts from the new ‘old guy’
Sometimes I wonder what I have to offer as the token new, “old guy” or maybe even the old, “new guy.”  Either way, it definitely gets old being the new guy, but don’t we old guys love a new guy because of the fresh perspective they can offer?   Not long ago after flying a student sortie in that hot rod of a T-6 Texan II, a student asked during the
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