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Default Air Force Logo Teamwork (still) equals success
During a recent Airman Leadership School Chief’s panel, we asked the future NCO leaders of our Air Force what issues they were facing in their units at the shop level. One Airman mentioned there seemed to be a feeling of “negative competition.” He went on to explain the Airmen he worked with were not friends nor did they help each other out in the
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Default Air Force Logo Finding your success
John Wooden established a legendary program during his 27-year tenure as head men’s basketball coach of the UCLA Bruins. His final 12 seasons at the helm produced an incredible ten national championships including four undefeated seasons and an astounding 94.5 percent winning percentage. Because of this uncommon degree of achievement, many books
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Default Air Force Logo What are the keys to a successful career in the Air Force?
There are many different paths to choose from, opportunities to take and obstacles to overcome. From personal experience, I have read and heard many discussions on what it takes to have a successful career in the military. I would like to present a few thoughts I developed over time from my perspective during twenty plus years as a U.S. Armed
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Default Air Force Logo Mentoring: Groom where you’re planted
 One morning, roughly four years ago, my phone rang at work. On the other end of the line was a scoutmaster with a request. His Boy Scouts were at a summer camp and one of their Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math activities, also known as STEM, required the scouts to analyze an earthen dam problem. Would I serve as a subject matter expert
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Default Air Force Logo A ‘major’ change in my life
I grew up seeing the wonder of aviation as a boy through my father who was an Air Force maintainer.Watching an aircraft slip to the skies has always been majestic and incredible to witness and I knew I wanted to experience it. In college, I joined Reserve Officer Training Corps and looked at becoming a pilot. Unfortunately, I found out my eye sight
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