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Default Air Force Logo Leadership means ownership
Accountability is a concept used time and time again when defining ideal leadership, but when typically used in addressing and leading a workforce, it can easily be interpreted or misinterpreted as a benchmark tool for doling out punishment or an avenue to determine who is culpable for the mishap.  Even in recent political discussions this election
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Default Air Force Logo Be a thermostat, not a thermometer
As we remain within the heat of the summer here in Columbus, there becomes one essential piece of equipment most can rarely do without: our air conditioner.  This is because temperature has a significant effect on our moods and behaviors. When we get extremely hot or cold our bodies will naturally attempt to conserve by drawing blood away from our
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Default Air Force Logo The Drive for Excellence
As I watched the Olympic athletes strive for gold over the last few weeks I couldn’t help but get caught up in the competitiveness, energy, and personal stories of the athletes.  All of these athletes have a few things in common on their road to the games; setting goals, striving for excellence, and self-sacrifice.  We can relate these Olympic
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Default Air Force Logo Summer is almost over; back to school begins
Wow, where did the summer go? It seems like just yesterday when school ended and all our students began their summer break. Here we are now, about to start another school year. As always, the first day of school can bring with it plenty of angst and anxiety, by both parents and students alike; the School Liaison Office is here to assist.   Whether
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Default Air Force Logo Tribute to mom: Minority Mental Health Awareness Month
My mother was born on the island of Mindoro in the Philippines; she was the fourth child of 12 children.  Her father was a Spaniard-Filipino physician, her Spaniard mother was a teacher. In that era, children’s futures were intentionally set by their elders and my mother’s future was set to become a nurse. After graduating from proper school, my
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