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14th Flying Training Wing
  • Christiansen brings different look on leadership to Columbus AFB

    Andy Christiansen, motivational speaker, spoke to hundreds of Airmen here during lectures and small group discussions Sept. 12-14 to give new perspectives on leadership and mentorship.
  • 50th FTS triumph against 14th MDG in 2018 intramural softball championship

    The 50th Flying Training Squadron softball team stands with the trophy Sept. 11, 2017, on Columbus Air Force Base, Mississippi, after beating the 14th Medical Group in the Intramural Softball Championship. The 50th Flying Training Squadron won the second of two games and the championship with a score of 12-1 against the 14th Medical Group. (U.S.
  • The 37th FTS provides quantity, quality

    The mission of “Cultivate Airmen, Create Pilots, Connect” is vital to the future of Columbus Air Force Base, Mississippi.
  • 14th Flying Training Wing: history vs. heritage

    The history of every Air Force base is unique, some change missions as the military evolved, some are stood down then reactivated and some change branches or become joint locations.
  • Running for a reason

    The U.S. Air Force Marathon is held every year at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, on the 3rd Saturday in September. It began in 1997 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Air Force and has grown into a 13,500 participant event with runners coming from all fifty states and several foreign counties.
  • Cultivate, Create, Connect

    Team BLAZE, as we approach this Labor Day, I wanted to thank each and every one of you for what you do for the 14th Flying Training Wing and the U.S. Air Force. Our nation understands today’s security environment is changing and we need to be ready to meet a near-peer threat on the battlefield and restoring readiness is vital to that strategy.
  • There’s no ‘I’ in Total Force

    The Air Force has multiple components, the active duty, Air National Guard, Air Force Reserves, and Air Force civilians who work together to ensure they are capable of delivering air and space power anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice; this is known as Total Force.
  • MWD Cherry retires after 10 years of service

    Military Working Dog Cherry retired Aug. 24. on Columbus Air Force Base, Mississippi, after serving more than 10 years in the Air Force.
  • Weeks shares aviation experiences, lessons at SUPT 18-13 graduation

    Col. Samantha Weeks, 14th Flying Training Wing commander, spoke at Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training Class 18-13 graduation Aug. 17 on Columbus Air Force Base, Mississippi, and shared experiences throughout her career. She stated to SUPT Class 18-13 those decisions and experiences were guided by the lessons learned throughout her time at pilot training.
  • GTR provides alternate location for T-1 operations, tests 48th FTS

    Columbus Air Force Base, Mississippi, has three runways, each with thousands of landings from airframes as small as a training aircraft or as large as a C-5 Super Galaxy.