CAFB Airmen to share stories July 18 during Storytellers event

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Hannah Bean
  • 14th Flying Training Wing Public Affairs

Every Airman has a story; a revolving theme in the Air Force and an even more impactful one when shared with others.

Storytellers is a program utilizes the theme of “Every Airman has a Story” as a training or development opportunity with a different approach on the aspect of training. The Columbus Club will be hosting a Storytellers here from 9-11 a.m. July 18.

“Storytellers is the opportunity for members of Team Blaze to share their story in an effort that something the speakers have lived through, moved past or pushed through will help someone else if the person encountered something similar,” said Daisy Jones-Brown, 14th Flying Training Wing Violence Prevention Integrator and Suicide Prevention Program manager. “Maybe it will help people learn some different coping skills or mechanisms to get through some of the things that simply life can throw at you.”

The goal is to create an experience that sticks with people long after the final bell. The speakers, or storytellers, are able to engage with others in an informal coffee house vibe versus a professionally lit stage with a podium. It encourages Airmen to share their stories and hopefully impact the lives of others.

“This event is to bring everybody together for a short period of time to give the human aspect on some of the really difficult things that we go through in life, especially in the military,” said Capt. Katrina Boshears, 14th Flying Training Wing director of staff. “I think it’s important for us to get outside of our shell and take a minute to reflect and meditate for a little bit on what we’re going through.”

Finding Airman to tell their story is an open process that allows people willing to share their stories to volunteer for the event.

“We take a look at different people who volunteer and we try to pick a variety of stories,” Jones-Brown said. “It could be any story that someone is willing to say ‘this happened to me in my life and this is how I worked through it.’”

This year the event will have four speakers to tell of their challenges and triumphs.

“I am psyched about this Storytellers,” Jones-Brown said. “Our very first Storytellers we did last year went over very, very well. People really liked the event, it was really helpful to a lot of individuals who heard the stories as well as the individuals who told the stories. It was a different way to receive training and engage.”