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  • MUW tours CAFB

  • CAFB takes steps to minimize storm water pollution

    In December, a new aluminum fabricated slide gate was installed at the south entrance of CAFB. A slide gate is a device used to control the flow of water and/or pollutants through storm water conveyances. The slide gate was installed as part of a comprehensive Best Management Practice program. The slide gate provides a barrier that supplements
  • Join the Military Saves campaign

    Individuals and families are learning how to set and reach their financial goals as members of the Military Saves program. These participants are paying off debts, and saving money to achieve financial independence, to pay for cars, education, homes, vacations or to retire. The goals are as unique as each person involved. Save for Emergencies
  • The best approach to a healthful lifestyle is the “total diet”

    March is National Nutrition Month, the perfect time to take a fresh look at the big picture. The theme for National Nutrition Month 2008 is Nutrition: It's a Matter of Fact. The American Dietetic Association reminds consumers to focus on the total balance of foods they consume, rather than any one food or meal. "There are no good foods or bad foods
  • FAIPAPALOOZA swarms Columbus AFB

    Graduation is an event that Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training students at Columbus AFB look forward to before they even begin their year of training. Graduation is the doorway to the bigger operational world. They go on to fly fighters and drop bombs, refuel F-16s miles up in the sky or deliver cargo and people to destinations around the
  • MDG claims repeat championship

    The 14th Medical Group defeated the 37th/41st Flying Training Squadron in the Intramural Basketball Championship Tuesday night. It was a battle of tournament underdogs with the 14th MDG vs. the 37th/41st FTS. Sports fans including Col. Susan Hall, 14th MDG commander, Col. Mark Brown, 14th Mission Support Group commander, and Col. Eric Theisen, 14th
  • Emblem brings heritage back to wing

    Last year, the Air Force celebrated its 60th year as an independent branch of the armed forces, and Columbus AFB celebrated its 65th year as a military installation. The "Heritage to Horizons" celebration gave us the opportunity to reflect on our heritage. Although most of the Blaze Team wear the 14th Flying Training Wing patch everyday, many do
  • OSS, 48th FTS take the lead on minority recruiting

    The 14th Operation Support Squadron and the 48th Flying Training Squadron have taken on the challenge of the Air Forces minority recruitment initiatives. The Air Force developed a plan to align the Air Education and Training Command's flying training units with select AFROTC detachments at Historically Black Colleges/Universities and other minority