All information current as of Dec. 14, 2020, at 10:00 a.m.

Here at Columbus AFB, we are following risk-based measures consistent with guidance from the Department of Defense and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and encouraging personnel to follow force health protection guidelines in order to prevent the transmission of COVID-19.

Base Access:  Under normal regulation. DoD ID access and visitor pass access. When entering base please do the following: Personnel entering the installation will present their ID with their arm extended outside of the vehicle for scanning done by the Entry Controller. You will also need to show both sides of your ID before being permitted entrance.

Stay connected with the latest base updates here, as well as on social media at https://www.facebook.com/ColumbusAFB/ . For immediate push notifications regarding significant changes download the Columbus Air Force Base app for iOS and Android and enable push notifications. 

CDC COVID-19 Pocket Guide








- BRAVO - Moderate: Practice social distancing. Avoid unnecessary contact with others, such as shaking hands and hugging. Avoid unnecessary travel, especially to areas known to be experiencing active disease transmission. Ensure supplies of food, medication and other items needed for babies and pets are available to last at least 14 days.


- Our focus is on early prudent steps to slow the spread of COVID-19 and safety for our Airmen, families and communities. Thank you for your support, diligence and concern regarding this National situation.



Gatherings (e.g., staff meetings, guard mount, training, testing) may include up to 10 people (social distancing not possible)/ 20 (social distancing possible) indoors and 50 people (social distancing not possible)/ 100 people (social distancing possible) outdoors. Social distancing requires individuals to remain at least six feet apart from other individuals throughout the gathering. 


DoD personnel are allowed to travel inside of the local area. The local area for personnel assigned to Columbus AFB is defined as a 2.5 hour radius outside Columbus Air Force Base for recreational use only.

Leave is allowed under restrictions.

Commanders will use AETC's Travel Risk Assessment Tool to determine hot spots outside of the local area to approve leave.



Military personnel are prohibited from off-base indoor dinning, bars, breweries, vape shops, casinos, arcades, off-base bowling alleys, off-base theatres and off-base gyms that do not apply with the state of Mississippi COVID-19 requirements. Military personnel are allowed to dine indoors on CAFB only.

The base gym is open to active duty military personnel and dependents under limitations.

COVID-19 Prevention

Positive Parenting Classes Available

If you’re experiencing new challenges on the home-front with managing kids, homeschooling, and any other wild factors that go on in this time of uncertainty, you’re invited to the Positive Parenting (free) 30-minute workshops happening at 1 p.m. each weekday on Zoom.

Parenting expert, Debbie Godfrey teaches these classes in a judgement-free way. She teaches one lesson a day and gives you “homework” to go test it out and report back the next day. 

If you’re experiencing new acts of control issues, resistance to homework and household chores, self-esteem issues or anything else that might be driving you crazy, tune in for some practical support for restoring harmony in your home. This course is typically $500 and a 6-week course.  However, Ms. Godfrey is offering it free of charge and in much smaller chunks as a way to help out parents who may be looking for guidance and or community during COVID-19. 


Register for the free classes:


14th Medical Group Screening Process

Effective March 20, 2020 the 14th Medical Group will institute a screening process for the Koritz Clinic. This is to protect our providers, patients, and facility. Please watch the video and check out the slide to help you get the access to care you require.



In order to reduce face-to-face, visits, the medical group is having having a nurse telephonically triage each patient prior to booking appointments. Many appointments will be virtual encounters in which the provider or nurse will contact you via phone to provide evaluation and healthcare management. Some of the other implementations include:

• As of April 20, in line with CDC guidance, all Koritz Clinic patients and visitors will be required to wear face coverings..

• The RAC will be reduced to once a day at 8-8:30 a.m. RAC is for Return-to-Fly only.

• The medical group will maximize the separation of healthy and sick patients, appointment times (face-to-face) have been adjusted to accommodate healthy-patients in the morning & sick-patients in the afternoon (to include sick call).

• Lab and Radiology will only be available for medical necessity tests.

• Dental Services are reduced to pre-deployment screenings and emergencies only.

• Additionally, to decrease the face-to-face contact in the pharmacy,  all patients on routine medications (new prescriptions or renewals) are to call 662-434-2168 or 662-434-3122 to activate your prescription before coming to the Medical Group.

• Furthermore, beneficiaries should utilize the express scripts for their prescriptions or request that your medication is transferred to a pharmacy in town that offers drive-thru services. Click here for directions. With this in mind, the automated refill line will be turned off Monday, March 23, and transition to a telephone interview. If you have any questions and/or would like to transfer your prescription to an off base pharmacy. Please contact our pharmacy at 662-434-2168 or 662-434-3122 or you can contact your PCM at 662-434-CARE (2273).