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Tag: 14th Communications Squadron
  • 14th CS maintains base-wide computer efficiency

    Over the past few months computer workstations have projected a Basic Input Output System splash screen, warning users that their device is going to be disconnected from the network.
  • 14th CS continues to advance the Computers for Learning program

    Even with COVID-19 transforming everyday life, Columbus Air Force Base, Mississippi continues to advance the Department of Defense’s Computers for Learning program.
  • Innovation leads to connection with Keesler AFB

    The Columbus Air Force Base Spark Cell is designed to be a creative hub for innovative minds to cultivate ideas. The need of innovation at Columbus AFB led to a partnership with the 333rd Training Squadron at Keesler AFB, Mississippi, to create new processes and contribute different concepts.
  • 14th CS brings forward new programs, software for pilot training

    Whether someone is picking up their 10th phone call in the morning, sifting through the past week’s emails or going online to check if their ribbon rack is up to date, there’s nothing connected on base without the 14th Communications Squadron.