Motorcycle/Driver Safety Awarness Month

(U.S. Air Force photo illustration)

(U.S. Air Force photo illustration)

COLUMBUS AIR FORCE BASE, Miss. -- May has finally arrived, and with it brings warm weather, blue skies, and the perfect time to get on a motorcycle and take a ride - May also is our annual Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.

So, what makes this Campaign different than any other May Safety Campaign? The title says it all.

Far too many car-motorcycle crashes are the result of inattentive drivers turning into a motorcyclist's right of way, or not giving motorcycles the second look they deserve.

This is why we are asking you, BLAZE drivers, to allow this opportunity to increase the safety of our riders. With the popularity of motorcycling at an all-time high in America, unintentional injury-deaths related to motorcycles have more than doubled in recent years. These crashes injure or take the lives of friends, co-workers and family members.

This is why the BLAZE motorcycle safety awareness campaign is focused on educating motorists of the importance of watching out for motorcycles. As you notice our 'BLAZE Riders' posters around base this month, think of how you can protect these individuals on the road. The purpose of these posters is to put a face under the helmet.

The BLAZE Riders are Airmen, sons, daughters, family members, retirees, civilians and many more things. The same as all BLAZE team members with the same rights on the roads, the same families that care, the same kids that depend on them, the same as you and I. Let's take this month to ensure Columbus AFB remains the Air Education and Training Command base with the longest time since our last motorcycle fatality.

This is something to be very proud of, and clearly presents a goal of maintaining this title. Get to know your BLAZE Riders this month and make sure they get home safe - Be Aware! Safety is more than a program, it's an attitude.