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  • Increasing your influence regardless of rank

    The ability to influence others is important no matter what role you fill in an organization, including the military. Influencing is an art, learned over time through education, personal experience and trial and error.
  • Living in the moment

    If you were to be asked if physical exercise is good for your physical health, the obvious and easy answer is “Yes, of course.” There is scientific research and evidence to support that which is why a variety of credible sources offer recommendations for frequency, duration, and form of physical exercise.
  • 14th MDG commander gives parting thoughts

    What a wild ride this tour has been ... Columbus’ mission is not just ‘great’ … but ‘awesome!’ My command tour has come full circle. I must admit, I like to be busy and have multiple projects juggling all the time; yet, I wasn’t quite ready for the flurry and high ops-tempo of social activities which I was about to enter.
  • Hellfire's over Irbil: Leadership necessary in flight, on ground

    In the past two months there has been an interesting debate online regarding the Air Force and Navy’s different leadership styles. Maj. Mike Benitez, an F-15E Strike Eagle Weapons System Officer, recently wrote an article in defense of the Air Force’s leadership style. In his article, Benitez states the Air Force does an outstanding job of demonstrating leadership every day, but the problem is that these leadership opportunities are often exercised in the air or behind closed doors of a vault, out of sight of the public eye.