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14th Flying Training Wing
  • Increasing your influence regardless of rank

    The ability to influence others is important no matter what role you fill in an organization, including the military. Influencing is an art, learned over time through education, personal experience and trial and error.
  • Why Recognizing our Heritage Matters: The Air Force Ball

    In a few short weeks, Columbus Air Force Base will take an evening to celebrate the Air Force’s 71st birthday and the 77th year that the air base has been a part of the Columbus, Mississippi community.
  • PA is not selling your secrets to the Media, we swear.

    In the past nine months of being a public affairs officer the biggest thing that has taken me by surprise is how other military personnel think we are spies for external media.
  • Living in the moment

    If you were to be asked if physical exercise is good for your physical health, the obvious and easy answer is “Yes, of course.” There is scientific research and evidence to support that which is why a variety of credible sources offer recommendations for frequency, duration, and form of physical exercise.
  • A Tale of Two Chaplains

    I was eight years old when I began working with my father in chapel ministry. I was his sidekick, and I loved it. As I grew older I progressed to helping with children’s church, teen ministry, young adult ministry, and playing with the younger children while Dad led adult Bible studies in our home every Friday night.