Who is your Mission Support Group ombudsman

COLUMBUS AIR FORCE BASE, Miss. -- What the heck is an ombudsman? In the true definition of the word, an ombudsman (ŏm'bŭdz'mən) is a government official who investigates complaints and assists in achieving fair settlements. In reality, your Mission Support Group Ombudsman should best be considered a liaison for aiding and assisting operations group personnel. Carefully focused on the wing's flying mission, the MSG Ombudsman ensures mission support and services are always high quality. Many times personnel become frustrated or impatient with support functions--hence the Ombudsman program has been designed to help. Whether you feel you do not receive the right answer or are dissatisfied with the mission support received, the Ombudsman is a source you can turn to for prompt attention and resolution. Appropriately co-aligned with the military role as Deputy Mission Support Group Commander, the MSG Ombudsman is well suited to coordinate with all seven functional activities within the support group. We are all taught to follow the chain-of-command and attempt to resolve issues at the lowest possible level; however, if that process is not fruitful, consider turning to the MSG Ombudsman.

The MSG Ombudsman is not to be confused with the wing's Inspector General, which is a mandatory military position at every wing. Rather, the Ombudsman is an elective role the MSG created to maximize support for the Operations Group. Personnel should still contact the IG at any time for representation--this Ombudsman program in no way replaces the functions of that IG position.

The Ombudsman program has just recently kicked off and issues from student housing to Columbus Club improvements to education have already surfaced for attention. Granted, less-than positive issues are expected on the majority; however, your MSG Ombudsman is certainly interested in hearing positive feedback or any ideas and suggestions for improving pilot training mission support and services.

The world's greatest leader once said "I did not come be served, but to serve"...and your Ombudsman feels the same way.