CAFB Honor Guard needs you

COLUMBUS AFB, Miss. -- There are so many misconceptions out there regarding the Honor Guard. A couple of these are thinking the Honor Guard is only for Airman, or that if you are on the honor guard, you'll never be at work because of details. Another misconception would be that non-commissioned officers wouldn't have time for it, but they do.

The most rewarding additional duty any member of the Blaze Team can join and be a part of is the base Honor Guard. I say member because if I use the term Airman, most people would assume Senior Airman and below. That could not be further from the truth. While the majority of the Base Honor Guard is in the pay grade of E-4 and below, all enlisted and officers are welcome to join as long as they meet the criteria set forth by the Superintendent of the team. 

Many people believe Honor Guard responsibilities will take you away from your job a lot, but this is not a regular occurrence; allow me to explain. In September of 2005 Hurricane Katrina ripped through Keesler AFB, Miss., damaging a great deal of the base. Because of this, Keesler's Honor Guard was tasked to help with base clean-up. Columbus AFB was called to duty to absorb their details for the better part of a year. Because this happened, Columbus AFB Honor Guard members were gone a great deal due to having to support two base's missions. Now that Keesler AFB Honor Guard is back up and running at full capacity, our base details have decreased, making our time away from work minimal. 

Practice is one day a week for 2.5 hours. Most NCO's have this time available to give and unless there is a detail going on during their shift time, they will be able to do their normal duties as an NCO. At the present time there are two teams that split up the month. Team one is from the 1st to the 15th of each month and team two is from the 16th through the end of the month. You are only tasked for details that happen during your stand-by time. 

We need passionate and dedicated volunteers of all ranks. All details are just as important as another. Whether you separated, retired, or passed away on active duty, the service you provided for your country was greatly appreciated and should be reflected by our performance to your loved ones. 

If your are interested in joining, if you would like to watch a practice or if your have any questions about the team, call Master Sgt. John Berube, Superintendent Columbus Base Honor Guard, at 434-7004.