Weigh your options

COLUMBUS AFB, Miss. -- Sometimes the job assigned to an Airman doesn't turn out to be the job they expected. Often Airmen seeking a change believe getting out of the Air Force is their only option for a new start. 

However, there are many opportunities for Airmen looking for a new job. 

The Air Force provides career assistance advisors to help Airmen in the job search. As many of you know, I send out special duty announcements in an effort for you to take advantage of these opportunities. 

Our job is to be an advisor - to help those who want a different career field. Advisors give Airmen the chance to try something else. They should not have to leave because they feel stuck and the only way out for them is separation from the military. 

The CAAs job does not entail shoving someone into a job or pushing them out of the Air Force. As an advisor, we point Airmen in the right direction. I want the Airmen to know you have an option. It can be described as opportunity with another job vs. their current job. 

These advisors are taught to assist not only the Airman but the supervisors and commanders as well. According to the Air Force Instruction 36-2624, the CAA advises commanders, supervisors and enlisted personnel on retention issues. They use supervisors as force multipliers instead of counseling each and every Airman who want to retrain. 

People the Airmen work with should be involved in this life altering decision too. The more people who are involved in a career change, the more confident and informed the Airman will be about their decisions. 

Opportunity is the keyword. 

Visit the websites www.afpc.randolph.af.mil or www.usmilitary.about.com for more information about retraining and new job opportunities. 

To get in touch with the 14th FTW CAA, call 434-7004.