Getting your “move” on

COLUMBUS AFB, Miss. -- You've just been notified.......an exciting new duty station, new faces, new places and of course the move, another new process in place. Let us help you make it stress-free. 

The key to a successful move is to educate yourself and your family about the process of moving your personal property. To be successful you must plan ahead and coordinate diligently with the Traffic Management Office. In this day of changing processes you must be aware that you're personal property and transportation entitlements are not always the same for each move. 

Don't rely on what you've heard or seen happen in the past; you need to know what pertains to your current move right now. It is important to contact your TMO professionals well in advance of your move date. Your initial appointment with TMO should be at least six weeks prior to your desired pickup date. 

The Traffic Management Personal Property Shipping Office at Columbus AFB has regionalized under the Joint Personal Property Shipping Office, San Antonio, Texas. The JPPSO, through a WEB-based technology, books all shipments with the carriers. Your local TMO no longer controls that part of the process, but is here to help you through it. They will provide each member with one-on-one counseling to prepare all official documentation, and outline all entitlements. 

Each member is responsible for providing orders, a preferred and an alternate pick-up dates (to aid in speeding up the process in case the primary pickup date cannot be booked) a point of contact phone number and an e-mail address that will still be active once you have departed Columbus AFB. 

Along with the outbound process of the Traffic Management Flight, the inbound function has also been taken over by JPPSO-SAT. For delivery of your household goods you must contact JPPSO-SAT at (800) 599-7709. The TMO can and will update your records with JPPSO-SAT and enter your new address, telephone numbers and other pertinent information you provide. If you need to trace your shipment, you will use the same phone number. The JPPSO-SAT database is voice activated. All that's required is to tell the system which area you need to talk to (e.g., "I need inbound") and the phone system transfers you to the inbound area. 

TMO has excellent information to provide you, so please stop by. Our local customer service hours are from 7:30 a.m. to 4:15 p.m., Monday through Friday, and we are located in Bldg 926, second floor, room 243. Another great tool available is the Air Force Move Web Site at http://afmove.hq.af.mil. This web site will answer many of your questions and also provide useful phone numbers to contact your new TMO Office or JPPSO Office. Remember, call or visit your local TMO to make an appointment for your personal property entitlements counseling. This begins the process to make your move.