Sharing our roads and trails – A guide to trail safety and enjoyment


The 2019-2020 hunting season has begun here at Columbus Air Force Base, Mississippi. All roads and the Nature Trails are open to and shared by runners, bicycle riders, hikers, and hunters. Road and trail sharing can and does work when people respect each other and work cooperatively to keep each other safe. 


Smart road and trail use includes adherence to some basic safety practices. Please be courteous to all users, and remember that pedestrians have the right-of-way. 


  • Respect all road and trail restrictions and use only roads and trails open to your mode of transportation
  • When traveling on shared use roads and trails, continually watch for other types of recreationists
  • Be considerate of others on the road or trail
  • Keep noise and dust down
  • Keep your ears open - listening to headphones or ear buds can make it difficult to hear and communicate with other recreationists
  • If biking or hiking, stay on the trail.  Do not venture into wooded areas where hunters may be found
  • Keep pets leashed
  • Hi-Vis clothing is recommended when hiking or biking