Universal Waste


Improperly handled universal waste is one of the most common environmental write ups seen across Columbus AFB.  If these deficiencies are discovered by an inspector from Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) or Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) they can lead to monetary fines for the base.  However, this should not occur because universal waste write ups are some of the easiest to prevent and correct. 


What is Universal Waste?

•Batteries (i.e. vehicle, computer, 2-way radio, cell phone, AA)


•Mercury-Containing Equipment (i.e. thermostat, thermometer, mercury switch)

•Florescent Lightbulbs (i.e. tube, u-shape, compact)


What can you do to help?

Know where the approved universal waste containers are located in your facility; immediately place used universal waste items in the container, or take to Recycle Center (bldg. 151).  Ensure container has a purple “Universal Waste” label, with label facing out and accumulation start date less than 1 year old.  Keep container lid firmly secured.  Do not stack anything on top of container.



Promote recycling and prevent releases of any universal waste or component of a universal waste into the environment; protecting water quality, vegetation and wildlife.


Questions or comments:  434-7353 OR  michael.blythe@us.af.mil