What honor guard means to me

Imagine being the last image of the Air Force for a grieving widow or widower. Someone whose spouse and themselves have dedicated a large portion of their lives to serve. Being the sole representation of the Air Force and having its reputation in your hands. Even with all this pressure, you have to perform your duties with perfect bearing and grace. That is the task given to Columbus Air Force Base ceremonial guardsman as we perform our duties.

Throughout this year, I have witnessed the best Airmen and NCOs that this base has to offer. I have had amazing mentorship, a deeper understanding about our heritage and I’ve seen the sacrifice that is given daily by our brothers and sisters in arms.

This firsthand look into the reality of the military is something that I think every single deserving man and woman in our service should have a chance to experience. I plan on using these tools granted to me to help mold a greater understanding in the young Airmen of today’s Air Force to ensure they stand for something greater than themselves.

They provide a direct impact in guaranteeing life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I believe that mission permitting, if you have a desire to do this, take that first step and ask.