Thoughts Regarding Sexual Assault Response & Prevention Training


The mentality of "SAPR Training" among the ranks of the military is well known and prevalent. "It's a waste of my time." "I don't know anyone who has been sexually assaulted." "Why are we doing this training?"


These are all valid questions for anyone to ask. The better you can understand the purpose behind all of this training the better you can support it.


Imagine, for a minute, that we were all trained in the basics of medical care and could perform all the duties of an EMT. Imagine how many people's lives would be saved as a result. This is the reason for the training. We hope that we never have to use it but, giving it to everyone in the military equips them with the information to be a dependable responder.


Recognizing sexual assault is the first step in the process. That’s where your Victim Advocates take over. We are just like the First Sergeants of all things SAPR; we can point anyone in the right direction to get whatever help they need. Victim Advocates are here if you or someone else needs us, but hopefully you never will.


All we ask is that next time you get handed a little freebie from the SAPR office, think of it as a bookmark to a page that you hopefully never turn to.