New SAPR Program Manager: Thank you for welcome

Dr. Marcia Stewart

Dr. Marcia Stewart


My name is Marcia Stewart, the new Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program Manager.


Thank you for taking the time to welcome me to your organization and providing me the opportunity to share a few highlights about my professional career.


Working as a Social Worker, PhD, gives me such pride and joy to help people and military families. I have worked in a variety of government jobs like New Parent Support Program Manager and SAPR Program Manager specifically with the Navy, Marine Corps and Army.


I find our families are drawn to the New Parent Support Program and workshops I offered, as they desire new skills to grow as parents. My effective prevention and intervention course of actions within the SAPR sector has caused a major impact on all military installations I have serviced. I have found programs and services offered to military families are instrumental to success of our service members.


One of the impact stories that sticks out in my mind, reflects a social and emotional growth. I was delegated into the SAPR Program Manager’s position having no knowledge regarding this program and being afraid of the unknown. A colonel sat me down and said, “You get out there, reach out to other installations, learn everything there is to know about this program, make it tailor your passion.” The more I worked, and the more I learned, my socialization skills and emotional growth was where it needed to be as the SAPR Program Manager.


He then sat me down again and said, “Job well done as you have become one of the ‘ROCKS’ of the installation.” When I think of the word “success" I do not just think about my credentials of my doctoral degrees or my licensure; rather, I think about the conversation I had with him, I also think about the victims of violence and abuse that needed a shoulder to cry on, and the awareness to help prevent child abuse through teaching parents about patience and parent training.


My heart tells me encouraging healthy relationships is my success, and working with a positive team is one of the most rewarding ways to live my life.


During my off time, I enjoy listening to music and dancing. I am thrilled to have made the move from California to Mississippi to embrace my new position as the SAPR Program Manager.


Please introduce yourself to me today, or stop by my office anytime. I am located at Bldg. 926 Suite 117. If you have any questions I can be reached at my office or by phone at 434-1228 or 242-2105.