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  • Do you have to move mountains

    All right, the title of this article may be a little cheesy, but the gist of the message is serious: you don't have to be Hercules when it comes to making a difference in your community. When was the last time you spent your personal time serving the local community? If you are like the majority of the US population, a whopping 74 percent, it has
  • Volunteering for a bullet

    Have you ever heard the phrase, "that would be a great bullet!" Well, if you've been in the Air Force for any amount of time, you've heard it. Why? Because most of our peers feel that by volunteering to get a good bullet, we're going to get a better enlisted performance reports or officer performance reports. So why do you volunteer? When I joined
  • IT professional make innovations

    Many information technology professionals view innovation as the next network device or software tool that will reduce glitches or wow the customer. The "innovation" is the latest and greatest technology, so it must be the perfect choice to make the organization better. That train of thought misses the mark. Technology does not make the
  • Use your Air Force heritage

    During my visit to the Marine Corps base at Quantico last year, I complimented their commander on the Marines' use of history. In everything from artwork to the structure of their training programs, they wove in their heritage in an inspiring, pride-building manner. His response surprised me: "The Air Force has great heritage, you just don't use
  • Reducing TRICARE costs—we all play a part

    Recently, someone expressed concern that the out-of-pocket costs for TRICARE health insurance were rising. In 2006, the Department of Defense did propose increased TRICARE enrollment fees and deductibles for retirees and dependents under age 65 with the goal to save $9.8 billion over five years. In addition to collecting higher fees, the