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  • Building international gaps through learning

    Can you name all the country flags around this article? If not, I've just provided a great conversation starter for you. You have plenty of resources to find the answers because, in case you didn't know, Columbus AFB currently trains 39 international student pilots and hosts three exchange officers, all representing 20 different countries...that
  • Taking care of family by maintaining personal affairs

    According to CNN, there have been 3,950 American deaths in the war in Iraq and according to the Pentagon, as of Feb. 7,at least 29,092 U.S. troops have been wounded in action. Last year, 4,008 motorcycle riders were killed in highway accidents, up 7.9 percent from 2003 and 89 percent higher than in 1997, according to a new National Highway Traffic
  • Morale: Born of respect, humility

    High morale is something that every commander or supervisor strives to achieve and maintain, but also something that can be intangible and elusive. There is no magic formula for elevating morale. However, unit pride, self-esteem and job satisfaction can all be enhanced by adhering to two basic principles: treat people with respect and have a
  • Core values shared between organizations

    I am honored to have the privilege of joining the BLAZE team. I can already tell that my time here will pass too quickly and, before I know it, I will have to say goodbye. I know that some bases have much tighter bonds than others, but I have to say that the sense of team here speaks loud and clear. It's obvious to me that the BLAZE team is happy
  • Anti-terrorism measures every Airman should take

    You hear the term Random Anti-terrorism Measure or "RAM" and you may think just of Security Forces or the Anti-terrorism Officer. What people may not realize is that every squadron is responsible for completing these measures. The random antiterrorism measure program is a wing-level program that the Installation Commander oversees. The wing AT