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  • Relax, rest, recharge: Get ready

    The last few months you have been pummeled with tasks and activities to get ready for the upcoming Operational Readiness Inspection. From putting new labels on file folders, reviewing and updating processes, to pressure washing, painting and even scraping walls. We have told you that you can roll your sleeves up with the new Airmen's Battle Uniform
  • Deployment changes you in positive ways

    Deployment can be a life changing event. You're away from the ones you love. You meet new people who may someday save your life. You see and do things that you would never experience at home station. The affects of deployment depends on the person. This experience has changed me for the better, even the bad times. Since January, I've been working
  • Defenders in the dark keeping everyone safe

    George Orwell put it best; "People sleep peacefully in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf." At Columbus AFB that is exactly the blanket of security we provide as Security Forces members on mid-shift, a blanket that safely protects residents and vital resources, a thin blue line that defends your
  • Do we train for reality or exercise reality?

    During the course of the last six months how many of you have either thought or heard someone say, when I was deployed to (insert base here) we didn't do things like this. I get it all the time. My response is always the same. You are correct we don't always do things the way they are done in the AOR. We train according to the guidelines passed
  • Serving our country with faith

    I am now about three fourths of the way through my tour of duty in Iraq. There is still a lot of work to be done, but thoughts naturally turn to coming home and getting back to my life. There will be so much to make up. I missed the birth of my son March 20th, a wedding anniversary and a birthday. But everybody here has made some sacrifice. As the