Excellence in Action

  • Published
  • By Maj. Michael Larkin
  • 14th Communications Squadron

With ever growing technological capabilities, systems continue to become more interconnected at home and in the office. The mission systems used by the Armed Services can be more complex and diverse in its capabilities but require interconnectivity in much the same ways. This presents a challenge to secure systems across the cyberspace domain while ensuring flexibility of movement across missions in an increasingly dynamic world.  At Columbus Air Force Base, the 14th Communications Squadron meets that challenge head-on daily and embraces our motto: “Showing the way with excellence in action.” 

The 14 CS was first activated on July 26, 1948, and assigned to the 14th Air Base Group at Dow AFB, Maine until October 2, 1949, when it was deactivated.  Seeing a reactivation on June 1, 1961, and multiple re-designations, the 14 CS was assigned where it resides today to the 14th Flying Training Wing on October 1, 1990, and re-designated to its current name on April 1, 1991. 

On October 22, 2021, the 14 CS selected a gator that bares the tattoo of a cobra and is overlaid on a knight’s sword and shield as its mascot, paying homage to the unit’s historical mascots of the Gator, Cobra, and Knight; the mascot is proudly shown throughout the squadron’s facilities, heritage room, and on unit awards. 

Today, the 14 CS “Communigators” consists of 53 military, civilian and contractor personnel across two flights: Operations and Plans and Resources. The Operations Flight plays a critical role in supporting personnel and maintaining operational efficiency by providing direct customer support and troubleshooting for networks, managing the Information Technology Asset Management program and overseeing base by-law programs including records management, Freedom of Information Act requests, and Privacy Act compliance. The Plans and Resources Flight tracks and manages all IT related projects, to include IT purchases, new requirements, and fiber optic and copper cable installations. Additionally, this flight is the home of the Wing Cybersecurity Office and is tasked with approving devices and software used on or through government networks and systems, vulnerability management and maintaining authority to operate documentation for each network used within the bounds of Columbus AFB. 

While the cyber domain continues to change, the members of the 14 CS stand ever ready, continually developing their skillsets while finding opportunities to better support the 14 FTW in its mission to train world class pilots. With every opportunity that arises, we follow our chant and are “chomping at the bit” to tackle each one head-on!