Class 24-05 Graduation

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  • By TSgt Javier Cruz
  • 14th FTW PA

COLUMBUS AIR FORCE BASE, Miss. – World-Class Pilots graduate from the 14th Flying Training Wing every few weeks, and each ceremony is filled with friends and family from across the nation. For Class 24-05, a very special guest speaker came to recognize their accomplishments.

General Mike Minihan, Air Mobility Command commander, arrived at Columbus AFB on Feb. 22, 2024, to speak at the Undergraduate Pilot Training Class 24-05 graduation and offer advice and inspiration as they prepared to receive their wings.

Minihan also recognized outstanding performers from around the 14th Flying Training Wing, held an All Call for all active-duty service members, and flew with an instructor pilot onboard a T-6 Texan II.

During his visit, when asked about the most important leadership qualities for student pilots on the mobility track, he expressed the importance of confidence.

“They need to be confident,” said Minihan. “Confident in the training they’ve received here, confident in themselves and their abilities, and they need to be confident in the teams that they’re joining, because that confidence generates the courage to get after the missions that we need to get after.”

Minihan entered the Air Force in April 1990 after receiving his commission through the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps program at Auburn University. He completed Undergraduate Pilot Training in 1991 and served as an aircraft commander, instructor pilot, and evaluator pilot in the C-130 Hercules. He has commanded in garrison, crisis, and combat at the squadron, wing, and task force levels. Minihan is a command pilot with more than 3,400 flying hours and holds qualifications in the C-130, KC-10 and C-32 aircraft.

 “I want them to be aggressive and to know that they are joining a varsity team that is eager to have them in the ranks,” said Minihan. “I want them to be agile and versatile pilots so they’re comfortable being uncomfortable.”


Class 24-05 Graduates

Capt. Gregory W. Arnheim

2nd Lt. Briana M. Barnett

2nd Lt. Kelly C. Bator

2nd Lt. William J. Brett

Capt. James M. Bruening

2nd Lt. Claire L. Cambo

2nd Lt. Caleb A. Davis

2nd Lt. Elijah W. Edwards

1st Lt. Vlad-Octavian Gabor

2nd Lt. Tyler J. Gantz

1st Lt. Jacob A. Hughes

1st Lt. Matthew H. Jones

2nd Lt. Dylan Z. Langan

2nd Lt. Regan F. Lemaire

1st Lt. Patrick W. Mahoney

1st Lt. Alec D. McGahee

2nd Lt. Brock M. Miles

2nd Lt. Aaron Miranda

2nd Lt. Jeremy P. Moran

Capt. David S. Newey

1st Lt. Julio C. Rosales

1st Lt. Hannah M. Sobczyk

2nd Lt. Jordan T. Stoiber

2nd Lt. Payton D. Wilson