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Commissary reset - Makeover improves shopping experience

COLUMBUS AIR FORCE BASE, Miss. -- The Columbus commissary is scheduled to close for a complete store reset July 24 through July 25 and will reopen at 10 a.m. July 26 with a new look. 

"The Defense Commissary Agency is in a continual process of changing how product is placed on commissary shelves," said Paula Lewis, store director. 

"New products are added to stores all the time, while some are eliminated; so every few years a commissary simply needs to be reorganized or 'reset.'" 

The goal is also to give commissaries worldwide a more customer-friendly product flow and a layout that is as consistent as possible from location to location. 

"We hate to inconvenience customers," Ms. Lewis said. "But we can do our job more quickly and efficiently if we can close the store to tear down shelving, move it around, widen or change aisles if necessary, and restock. 

We think overall customers will find they have a better shopping experience when the store reopens." 

To make changes easier for customers to follow, the Columbus commissary will update its floor plan on the Columbus store Web page at www.commissaries.com

Store Web pages are located under the locations link at www.commissaries. com along with store hours, contact information, store news and special customer service features. 

"We'll also have an aisle map available for customers who just want to know where their favorite products have been moved, but we encourage everyone to walk all the aisles of the store and get a feel for the changes," Ms. Lewis said. 

"You never know, they might find something they never even knew we had!"