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It’s time for CAFB lawn inspections

COLUMBUS AIR FORCE BASE, Miss. -- Spring is here and along with this comes Family Housing yard inspections The first yard inspection for the year was conducted last week. Instead of issuing individual yard violations, Lt. Col. Robert Germann, 14th Civil Engineering Squadron commander, considered it an excellent idea to give a courtesy reminder about some problematic issues observed while conducting the inspection.
Pets are not allowed to run loose outside the boundaries of their yard, or within common areas and playgrounds. Pets must be on a leash at all times when outside the boundaries of a yard. Pet owners are responsible for daily clean up of pet feces. When walking a pet on a leash, the owner must pickup feces as it occurs and place it in a plastic bag or other appropriate container, so it can be disposed of properly. Restoration of lawn areas destroyed by a pet is the resident's responsibility.
As the occupant, insure the yard is kept up to standard. The ultimate responsibility rests with the occupant and it should not take others to enforce standards. Commanders will be out inspecting now that spring is arriving, so make sure to clean up yards. In housing, yard care is the responsibility of the resident. Mowing, watering, edging, hedge and tree trimming (up to the 6 foot level), and the care of the flower beds are up to the resident.
Protect your home as it were you own and be respectful of your neighbors. Treat your neighbor the way you want to be treated. Show your pride and fly your US Flag. Standards for yard care are in each occupant's military family housing pamphlet. Pamphlets are also available by calling Ext. 7276.

Grass can not exceed 3 inches -- it must be a uniform height and have a neat appearance.
Yards must be free of debris and clutter.
Edge grass along sidewalks and driveway.
Remove all vegetation from cracks and crevices.
Trim grass around the foundation of the house, patio, doorsteps, fences and privately owned playground equipment.
Trim bushes and vines so that no vegetation touches the exterior walls or roof eves.
Shrubs and bushes can not exceed 6 feet in height and must have a tidy look.
Name plates and house numbers must be unobstructed.
Weed flowerbeds and planters.
Cut weeds and onion grass to obtain a neat uniform lawn appearance.
Pick up pine cones and tree limbs that fall.
Turn off all exterior lights during daylight hours.
Carports and driveways will be kept free of grease build-up.
Do not clutter driveways, porches and carports with bulky furniture, appliances, or unsightly items.
Store bicycles, wagons, carts and toys to avoid hazardous situations
Remember it is the responsibility of the occupant to maintain 50 feet from the rear of the quarters, half of the side yard and to the center of the street.
Pick up newspapers daily that are on the street, sidewalk and driveway.
Fly your US Flag in accordance with military protocol. Replace worn and faded flags.