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Welcome Home Celebration gives credit where it is due

COLUMBUS AIR FORCE BASE, Miss. -- When members return from a deployment there are many different ways to celebrate. Some like to have an intimate reunion with those closest to them. Others like to have a huge party and invite everyone they know. As we all know, it is impossible for everyone to meet each person at the airport. For one thing, Golden-Triangle Regional Airport is entirely too small to hold that many people. At Columbus AFB, the IDS hosts a "Welcome Home Celebration". This is a way for everyone at Columbus AFB to recognize those who have recently returned from a deployment.
After Vietnam, many veterans were not recognized for serving in the war. In fact most were treated very disrespectfully. This caused many problems for those who served in the Vietnam War. Some returning Airmen don't feel they are heroes because of where they went or how they contributed to the war effort.
Whether they were on the front lines carrying a weapon, or on the flight line making sure the planes had fuel, each person was a very important part of the war fighting effort. Most people in this country consider all those who have deployed or are deployed to be heroes. Not everyone in this country has the courage to join the military knowing it is wartime. They realize they could end up halfway around the world engaged in a battle for other people's freedom. There are others who think this war is a bad idea, and that the United States shouldn't fight other country's battles. Regardless, everyone who has deployed in order to support the war fighting effort is in some way a hero.
The next opportunity to recognize CAFB Airmen is Monday, at 4:15 p.m. at the Columbus Club. Colonel Dave Gerber, 14th Flying Training Wing Commander, will speak briefly about the accomplishments of each individual being honored, followed by a time to mingle with those who have recently returned from deployment. Come out and support these BLAZE team members. For more information, call 434-2500.