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Dorm dwellers’ dinners continue thanks to volunteers

COLUMBUS AIR FORCE BASE, Miss. -- What began as a chapel-only sponsored event which sought to provide a home-cooked meal for enlisted personnel in the dorms, the monthly Dorm Dwellers' Dinners are now a base-wide event with many groups involved. These dinners have grown to include the involvement of the Chapel Staff, retirees of the Chapel, Company Grade Officer Council, First Sergeants' Council, AAFES, the commissary, squadron commanders and the chief master sergeants of CAFB.
This event also provides a forum for enlisted leaders to discuss upcoming events and volunteer opportunities.
At Thursday's Dorm Dwellers' Dinner, Chief Master Sgt. Ronald Bowlan, 14th Flying Training Wing Command Chief, coined some of the retirees who have been helping in this event. He said they were coined "for their nine years of dedication in providing a monthly meal for dorm residents."
Airman Jonathan Baskerville, 14th Communications Squadron, attends these dorm dinners and said the food is good and he enjoys the company of the people who coordinate these activities.
"They're not there because they have to be there, but because they want to be there," Airman Baskerville said in regard to the volunteers. He also went on to say that he considers the event a good time to meet new people.
The Dorm Dinners are scheduled to continue with the next one being held at the Chapel Annex May 17 at 5 p.m.