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AETC director of air, space, and information ops visits CAFB

COLUMBUS AIR FORCE BASE, Miss. -- Major General Mark Zamzow made his first visit to CAFB to speak at Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training Class 07-08 Friday. Major Gen. Zamzow is the Director of Air, Space, and Information Operations at Headquarters for Air Education and Training Command, Randolph AFB, Tex. This directorate is responsible for developing policies and programming resources for Air Force training. During his visit General Zamzow commented on some of the hot issues affecting Columbus AFB.
General Zamzow is an experienced mobility pilot and said the Air Force is reshaping to fit the needs of mobility. The number of pilots required for weapon systems has shifted towards mobility and SUPT classes at CAFB and the other pilot training bases have reflected that. Friday's graduating class was not an uncommon mix. Of the twenty SUPT graduates, fifteen are slated for airlift or tanker aircraft.
With Sheppard AFB, Texas planned to be the last training base to use the T-37, CAFB will be second to last to transition to the T-6A Texan II. This new aircraft with its technological advancements has affected recent graduates. At the graduate level training for major weapons systems, the instructors are "already seeing a different approach, mindset, and capabilities a little bit sooner than they had with their predecessors," General Zamzow stated.
General Zamzow also talked about planning for increased utilization of unmanned aerial vehicles. "We certainly know it's going to grow," General Zamzow said.
Fulfilling this requirement includes providing rated personnel which will impact CAFB. Currently, the Air Force uses rated pilots to fly UAVs. General Zamzow stated that the Air Staff has studied this issue and determined a need for rated personnel in these positions. He said that this "status quo will be continued for the long term"
Before leaving General Zamzow talked about the wonderful climate and community at CAFB. "This base is a gem," General Zamzow said. He expressed his appreciation for the level of teamwork and community involvement evidenced at CAFB.
The next class of pilots, Class 07-09, will graduate on May 18. Major Gen. Michael Gould, Commander of the 2nd Air Force, Keesler, Miss. will be the keynote speaker.