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Base theater will no longer show movies

COLUMBUS AIR FORCE BASE, Miss. -- The smell of freshly popped butter popcorn and the roaring sound of the movie are a thing of the past as the base theater has shown its last movie.
Due to a lack of patronage the base theater will no longer be showing movies on Friday and Saturday nights as it has since December.
"The availability of high demand movies has made is difficult for us to provide the base with new movies," said Thomas Kuttamperoor, the Army and Air Force Exchange Services representative for Columbus AFB. "Since movies are seen in the movie theater, then quickly released on DVD, it has slowed down the patronage for the movies once they are shown here."
The base theater personnel tried different approaches in order to keep the theater open. After a decrease in patronage they focused on children movies rather then the combination of adult and children movies they were showing in the beginning. However, the attempt to appeal to the patrons of CAFB was unsuccessful.
While 75 percent of all earnings at CAFB are turned around and put into morale, welfare and recreation, AAFES is looking into other ventures to provide to CAFB. In addition to funding MWR programs, AAFES earnings are used to build new stores or renovate existing facilities without expense to the Federal government.
AAFES delivered more than $228 million in support of MWR programs in 2006. These contributions to America's military represented an average per capita dividend of $229 for every Soldier and Airman.