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CAFB to receive cadets from Operation Air Force

COLUMBUS AIR FORCE BASE, Miss. -- CAFB has been chosen to host three sessions of Operation Air Force this year. OAF has also been referred to as the Rising Sophomore Program. RSP was designed to mirror the United States Air Force Academy's Non-Comm program. RSP and the Non Comm programs is the sophomore cadet portion of a larger program which includes a junior cadet program and a senior cadet program. Columbus AFB will only have RSP for summer 2007.
Briefly, RSP consists of ROTC cadets from universities all over the country visiting Air Force bases for three weeks. The emphasis of the program is to give cadets their first look at an active duty base and acquaint cadets with the enlisted force, providing an opportunity to gain valuable experience in a real-world environment. Training is focused on enhancing cadet's knowledge and appreciation of enlisted roles, responsibilities and expectations, as well as providing cadet's insight into various aspects of enlisted culture. Additionally, cadets will be trained and "signed-off" on at least one 3-level or 5-level task or equivalent within a career field to which they are assigned. Cadets will also receive two mentoring sessions with senior noncommissioned officers. In addition, Ops Air Force is where cadets are targeted for their Jet Orientation rides.
The Ops Air Force experience might be many cadets' first visit to an Air Force base and will serve to motivate them for continued service in the Air Force. During their stay, the cadets will visit various base organizations and meet NCO's to understand how they contribute to the overall mission of the Air Force.
Originally, CAFB was to host three sessions of approximately 27 cadets each. This has been pared down to one session, arriving July 15 and departing August 3. Lieutenant. Col. Daniel Simonsen from Louisiana Tech University and Technical Sgt. Cornelius Parnell from University of Las Vegas will accompany the cadets as cadre members.
After a few days of base tours and briefings, cadets will be divided into small groups and "shadow" NCO's in different organizations. Cadets are scheduled to shadow in the 14th Operations Group safety offices, weather, base ops, the 14th Medical Group, RAPCON, the 14th Security Forces Squadron, life support, 14th Communications Squadron, DynCorp maintenance, 14th Civil Engineer Squadron, 14th Services Division, logistics, public affairs, all of the flying training squadrons and the 49th Fighting Training Squadron. This broad exposure will help reinforce the idea of the important teamwork necessary to support deployed war fighters.
For more information regarding OAF, please e-mail Capt. McClendon at jeremiah.mcclendon@columbus.af.mil or Capt. Erin Anderson at erin.anderson@columbus.af.mil.