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Crud tourney proves to be a drawn out battle

COLUMBUS, Miss. -- The Columbus Club hosted the Blazing Balls of O'leary Crud Tournament Friday to cap off the 07-11 assignment night. Twelve teams participated in the tournament for the honor of winning O'leary trophy as a traditional ending to assignment night activities. The field was made up of several SUPT class teams and one Medical Group team.
As the night started no one in the Columbus Club could have anticipated the unorthodox victories of the Medical Group team. The Medical Group team anchored by Airman First Class Mathew Crouch with Senior Airman John Hearn, Airman 1st Class Amberlie Miles and Airman Jayson Dinsmoor had two come from behind victories over Knight 1 and Dagger Dogs. In both games Airman Crouch was the last one standing against three or four members of the other team. With his unique style of obscuring the balls and his high energy and skill he managed to win.
"I was just pumped and was really into trying to distract, and it worked," said Airman Crouch.
Despite the impressive showing of the Medical Group team, they lost to the eventual champions but not without a comeback from Airman Crouch.
When asked about his comeback wins, Airman Crouch said "I was just sort of amazed; I guess a lot of luck goes into it."
In the championship match it was the Snakes, in flight suits, against 08-10A, in blues. With Colonel Gerber, 14th Flying Training Wing Commander, refereeing match, the teams battled to a one-on-one with two strikes on both players. Second Lt. Edward Leber, SUPT Class 08-10, managed to come up with a come up with a great shot to win the tournament. Lieutenant Leber, 2nd Lt. Ryan Fallon, 2nd Lt. Michael Crew and 2nd Lt. Mark Fattman, all of SUPT Class 08-10, will have bragging rights for the next three weeks until they will have to defend there title as champions.