Master Sgt. reflects recent achievements

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Jessica Williams
  • 14th Flying Training Wing Public Affairs
U.S. Air Force Master Sgt. Michael Rosatone, 14th Aircrew Flight Equipment Flight superintendent, was recognized as the Air Education and Training Command Outstanding Air Field Equipment Senior Non Commissioned Officer of the Year for 2020.

While the award recognizes personal achievement, Rosatone credits his success to the team he works with daily.

“I am happy, I feel good about what the team has accomplished, they are the ones that won this,” Rosatone said. “I just put the influence, they make the widget happen.”

Rosatone puts trust into the Airmen under his leadership, knowing that with the right guidance, the junior enlisted can excel.

“So that’s been a good feeling, knowing your job well and knowing you have the young troops that are doing well,” Rosatone said. “They just need a little push and they prosper. I have Senior Airmen running sections that in heavy units would be run by technical sergeants.”

With 18 years of leadership and teamwork experience behind him, Rosatone knew the quality was always there, the Airmen just needed to revamp it.

After taking over as the superintendent, things began to change for the unit. Under the leadership of Rosatone, the 14th Operations Support Squadron AFE flight received the AETC outstanding AFE Small Program of the Year.

“It was changing the mindset and the mission focus that we had,” Rosatone said. “Now we are number one in the command.”

Rosatone said the turning point for the team and what contributed to the success, was efficient information and communication.

“If a task comes down that they don’t have to see, that they don’t have to deal with, why put it on them,” Rosatone said. “I would take it, handle it, and get it done quicker.”

When the Airmen could focus on day to day tasks and not be overloaded with additional tasks throughout the day, improvements were shining through, according to Rosatone.

Military personnel are not the only ones who see the effects of Rosatone’s leadership.

“He really takes care of everyone here,” said James Reeves, 14th Operations Support Squadron aircrew flight equipment technician. “If something comes up, he always backs them up.”

Being a civilian working in the unit who was contracted after Rosatone took over, Reeves mentioned Rosatone always makes sure Airmen are on top of their game, getting the mission done effectively with safety being a top priority.

Rosatone offered some advice to those who hope to one day receive the Outstanding SNCO of the Year award.

“Don’t think small level,” Rosatone said. “When you do something for an aircrew member, it directly impacts the wing as a whole.”

Leadership as a whole is crucial to the growth of Airmen. With a balance of trust and efficiency, the mission can prevail.

Junior Airmen too often may think they make little to no impact to the mission.

As a closing thought, something to always keep in mind, Rosatone advises “Don’t think small stature when you do something, think of the higher impact, as high as you can go.”